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2 Grandview Drive

Shalimar, Florida

Sold at 99% of the listing price in 16 days

The owners had been planning to downsize and move back to Louisiana to be closer to family for two years. They were selling the home they built, raised their family in, and enjoyed for 31 years. They felt the need to try and sell their home...



1601 Londonderry Cove

21601 Londonderry Cove

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Sold for $295,000 in one day at 98% of list price

The owner engaged me after several months of unsuccessfully marketing this 1,844 sq. ft., 3-bedroom, 2-bath home located in a gated subdivision in Fort Walton Beach Florida. After several visits and thoughtful conversations with the owner...


216 Government Ave.

216 Government Avenue

Niceville, Florida

Sold for $2,450,000 which was 98% of the list price

The owner of this 37,800 sq. ft., two story 238-umit Climate Controlled Storage Facility, I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years through my years as a banker in this market. The sale of this property required an understanding...


5408 Josh Dr.

5408 Josh Drive

Crestview Florida

$220,000 first time home purchase

This young couple with four young children had worked hard to save and put themselves in a position to purchase their first home. The quest started in late October with the desire to be in a new home by Christmas.  After several meetings...


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