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21601 Londonderry Cove, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

21601 Londonderry Cove
Sold for $295,000 in one day at 98% of list price

The owner engaged me after several months of unsuccessfully marketing this 1,844 sq. ft., 3-bedroom, 2-bath home located in a gated subdivision in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. After several visits and thoughtful conversations with the owner, the lack of previous sales success was attributed to strategic repairs to the existing home that if completed I felt would result in obtaining the sales price the owner wanted. Over a 60-day period I helped the owner secure reputable contractors, assisted in scheduling the repairs, cleaning and photography and marketing needed to have the home back on the market within the 60-day time frame. The MLS listing was posted on a Saturday and by 7:00 pm on Sunday an acceptable offer was secured at 98% of the list price. Needless to say, the owner, a recent widow, was delighted with efforts to realize the sale of this home which as it turned out was the last business matter standing in her way of returning home to Thailand to be reunited with her family.

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